Faith in the Fog Series

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In this series I tell the story of my experiences with doubt, skepticism, mental health, and forging a different kind of faith.

(If there aren’t many posts it’s because I’m still writing them!)

walkers-486583_1920Part 1: Surviving as a Skeptical Christian
How do I trust God when I’m no longer convinced he even exists? How do I stop myself from being swallowed whole by the fear and despair that can come from seriously rethinking my beliefs? How do I pray when it seems like there’s probably no-one listening? Can my faith survive this? Read more >

nebula-2253941_1280Part 2: Science, Atheism and the Search for Proof
One of the biggest steps towards learning to deal with my own crippling skepticism has been to convince myself that Christianity is not irrational. Deep down I had always feared that if I thought too deeply or learned too much about science, this faith that brought hope and meaning to my life would eventually be exposed as wishful thinking, no more credible than an ancient myth or fairy tale. Read more >

paint-621098_1920-e1498229033330.jpgPart 3: Faith in the Fog: Making Peace with the Messiness of the Bible
Contrary to well-meaning advice from many a concerned Christian, reading the Bible is not a good cure for skepticism. In my experience, it usually magnifies it. The Bible is messy. It’s confusing and contradictory and just plain weird in some places. For a skeptic like me, every passage raises new questions and doubts, and shines a floodlight on any that were already lurking in the shadows. For a while I actually refused to read the Bible at all, for fear that my faith might not make it out alive. Read more >

2 thoughts on “Faith in the Fog Series

  1. Robert Wagner PhD says:

    Thanks for this thoughtful, challenging, and truthful series of essays. I’m 69 years of old. I work as a State of California forensic psychologist and been licensed since 1991. In a previous “life” I served as a Catholic Priest in Ohio and California in parish work and also on the faculty of a seminary. I left the ministry in 1985. I’m gay and recently married in October of last year. The reality of God has focused my attention on a daily basis for 60 or more years. I just wanted to say hello and encourage your writing, thinking, praying and trusting your self as you listen to life and breath it in. I Will probably drop you a note from time to time to offer my observations. No need to respond. Thanks for reading this note and please keep writing. There is a quotation by someone that I recall every time I write reports for a Court: “Writing is God’s way of showing us how sloppy our thinking is.” And I have to edit a report right now Cory sloppy thoughts and email it off tonight, so I will end. Take care.

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    • Emma Higgs says:

      Hi Robert, thank you so much for this – it made me smile a lot! I very much look forward to reading any thoughts/observations you have. I welcome guest writers from time to time so if that’s something you might be interested in, just email me across any ideas ( You sound like someone with a lot of wisdom and experience to share! Thanks again 🙂


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